Managing a global supply chain is vital to ensure the timely delivery of components and materials for railway manufacturing, particularly for international projects.

Manufacturing in the railway sector plays a pivotal role in the development and operation of efficient, safe, and sustainable rail transportation systems. These efforts contribute to economic development, environmental conservation, and improved mobility for people and goods around the world. Manufyn supports railways sector in design, production, assembly, and maintenance of various components and systems used in rail transportation.

Wheelsets and Axles: Companies manufacture wheelsets and axles for rolling stock, ensuring they meet strict safety and performance standards.

Brake Systems: Manufacturing firms produce braking components and systems that are crucial for the safe operation of trains.

Bogies and Suspension Systems: Manufacturers design and assemble bogies (truck assemblies) and suspension systems for passenger and freight cars.

Traction Motors and Power Systems: Companies specialize in producing traction motors and power systems for locomotives and electric multiple units (EMUs).

Railway Electronics and Systems:

Control Systems: Manufacturers produce control and monitoring systems for railway operations, ensuring the safety and efficiency of train movements.

Passenger Information Systems: These systems provide real-time information to passengers about train schedules, stops, and other relevant data.

Ticketing and Fare Collection Systems: Manufacturers create ticketing machines, validators, and contactless payment systems for passengers.

Maintenance and Overhaul Services:

Many companies in the railway sector offer maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for railway infrastructure, rolling stock, and associated equipment. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of rail networks.


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